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The very best of Timber Protection

Working with our timber protection partners, Lonza Wood Protection, we can offer the very latest treatments to protect your timbers against wood decay, insect attack and the ?threat of fire.

High and Low Pressure Preservative Treatments?

Our choice of preservative treatments protect timbers against all forms of wood decay and insect attack, wherever it is to be used. This will give you complete peace of mind that your timbers will have a long and low maintenance service life.


High pressure treated timbers have been impregnated with Tanalith™ E wood preservative under rigidly controlled conditions in our own on-site vacuum pressure timber impregnation plant at Jarrow. The resulting Tanalised E pressure treated timber has a natural pale green colouration.

Fencing and landscaping timbers can also be treated with a built-in brown colouration, Tanatone, if required.


Low pressure treatment facilities, on-site at Jarrow, utilise VacsolAqua. This latest generation, waterbased wood preservative provides proven protection against decay and insect attack for general construction and joinery timbers with desired service life of 30 - 60 years.


Fire Retardant Treatments?

We can offer a choice of two proven fire retardant treatments for timbers used in public buildings, which ensure more time for escape in a fire situation.? Dricon™ treated timber can be used for interior and weather protected exterior situations.? Non-ComExterior can be used for external and severe damp situations.



™ Dricon, Non-Com, Tanalith, Tanalised, Tanatone, and Vacsol are registered trademarks of Lonza Wood Protection.