Specialist Timber

MHS offers a range of timbers to customers looking for particular specialist projects. Read below to help you find the right solution for your requirements.

Softwood timbers are obtained from conifers & trees with needle type leaves and cones. Softwoods are the most commonly used timber due to the good value, availability and mostly from sustainably managed forests. They are less dense and easier to work with than most hardwoods. Of the many species of softwoods around 50 are used commercially, with the most common being European Redwood and European Whitewood (pine and spruce). Most softwood used in the UK comes from Europe and Russia.


Abodo Vulcan Timber is a stunning high performance thermally modified timber, with a 15 year warranty and class 1 durability, this product can be used in both joinery and external applications due to it’s durable nature.

Douglas Fir

This is a timber of good strength and durability and is available in merchantable and clear grades. Large sections lend themselves to heavy constructional use, while smaller kiln dried, clear sections work well in both internal and external joinery applications.

Western Red Cedar

A very durable timber with character which lend itself well for use in a number of external applications such as exterior cladding, greenhouse and conservatory manufacturing.


Hardwoods are mainly broadleaf, deciduous trees, shedding their leaves in winter, although some hardwoods are evergreen.The majority of hardwoods are deeper in colour and have a higher density than softwood, due to their cellular structure.


Fused Bamboo is the latest addition in our Specialist Timber range. A superior natural solution with exceptional specifications. Available as both Cladding and Decking. We offer this in a Cognac and Espresso Colour.


Ekki continues to be popular as a specialist timber. Its appearance, durability and resistance to decay make it a popular species for a number of specialist construction uses.


One of the strongest timbers commercially available today, in both large sections and long lengths. Greenheart is a very durable timber for use in a variety of constructional situations including both marine and heavy civil engineering projects.


A yellowish-brown hardwood grown in West Africa. Extremely strong, durable and resistant to decay. Opepe is widely used in heavy construction applications and in marine and jetty work.

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