Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar or Pacific Red Cedar is very durable timber with character which lend itself well for use in a number of external applications such as exterior cladding, greenhouse and conservatory manufacturing. Although native to North America, the Western Red Cedar is an evergreen tree that is also planted in Britain. The Western Red Cedar tree can live to be over a thousand years old. It has a broad trunk and dense fern like foliage. The bark is ridged and dark a reddish brown colour.

In the UK, the tree is planted for timber and shelter. The wood is highly sought after, being one of the most durable timber available. It has an aromatic fragrance which can be retained for long periods of time and it also contains a natural preservative that prevents decaying fungi. The durable wood is soft and favoured in the construction industry.

M.H. Southern offer a range of Specialist Timbers to customers looking for higher quality materials for particular projects.

We also offer full milling, treatment and strength grading facilities for all the timbers we supply. In addition our transport fleet has crane off load facilities.

If you require any further information on any of our specialist timbers,
please call our Sales Office on 0191 489 8231
 or email [email protected].

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