Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir or Pacific Coast Douglas Fir, is a timber of good strength and durability and is available in merchantable and clear grades. Large sections lend themselves to heavy constructional use, while smaller kiln dried, clear sections work well in both internal and external joinery applications.

There are two major varieties of timber, Coast Douglas Fir or Green Douglas Fir based on the Pacific coast, and Rocky Mountain Douglas Fir or Interior Douglas Fir.

The tree takes its English name from David Douglas, the Scottish botanist who first introduced it into cultivation. Other names for the timber include Oregon Pine, Pacific Douglas Fir.

Douglas Fir has many great properties

Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is a type of softwood tree that is native to western North America. Despite its name, it is not a true fir.

The timber is known for its straight grain and high strength-to-weight ratio. The wood has a reddish-brown to light brown color with a prominent grain pattern. It has several uses in construction and woodworking due to its favorable characteristics.

Here are some common uses of Douglas Fir:

  1. Construction: This timber is widely used in construction for structural framing, beams, and columns. Its high strength makes it suitable for supporting heavy loads.

  2. Timber Framing: The straight grain and dimensional stability of the timber make it a popular choice for timber framing in residential and commercial buildings.

  3. Plywood: it is often used to produce plywood, which is widely utilized in construction, furniture, and other applications.

  4. Flooring: The wood is also used for flooring due to its durability and resistance to wear.

  5. Doors and Windows: The timber is commonly used for crafting doors and window frames.

  6. Furniture: It is used in the production of furniture, especially when a strong and durable wood is required.

  7. Pulp and Paper: The wood fibers are used in the production of pulp and paper products.

  8. Outdoor Applications: The heartwood of the timber has natural resistance to decay, making it suitable for outdoor applications such as decking and fencing.

It’s worth noting that there are different grades of the timber, and the wood’s characteristics can vary depending on factors such as the region where it was grown and the specific species within the Pseudotsuga genus. Overall, The timber is valued for its strength, stability, and versatility in a variety of applications.

M.H. Southern has a responsibility to the long-term protection of the world’s forest resources please see our information on sustainability.

We were the first timber importer in the North East of England to be certified with FSC® (C001728) and PEFC chain of custody (2004), followed by SFI and CSA chain of custody (2005). This has allowed trade with several national merchants, government bodies and other organisations, delivering certified timber throughout the U.K

M.H. Southern offer a range of Specialist Timbers to customers looking for higher quality materials for particular projects.

We also offer full milling, treatment and strength grading facilities for all the timbers we supply. In addition our transport fleet has crane off load facilities.

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