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Scandinavian Redwood

Scandinavian Redwood also known as Scots pine, Baltic redwood, Finnish redwood, Archangel redwood, Russian redwood, Polish redwood, Scots Fir, Riga pine, Norway pine, European redwood or Scandinavian Pine

Scandinavian Redwood is mainly imported from Sweden, Finland and Russia as well as home grown, the grades vary for different uses. Knots are common in the timber, but their size and quality vary according to the part of the tree from which boards are converted.

Scandinavian Redwood Timber is used for: Joinery – Exterior and Interior, Skirting, Architrave, Dado, Furniture.

MH Southern offer a range of Specialist Timbers to customers looking for higher quality materials for particular projects

We also offer full milling, treatment and strength grading facilities for all the timbers we supply. In addition our transport fleet has crane off load facilities.

If you require any further information on any of our specialist timbers, please contact our sales office on 0191 489 8231.