Strength Grading

Strength Grading is a method of determining the strength of a piece of timber destined for structural use.

M.H. Southern has specially TRADA trained visual graders on site to grade timber to the specified strength requirement. We can grade to C16, C24 and C27 strength requirements.Our graders are regulated by BM TRADA. The graders examine each piece of timber assessing it for the presence of naturally occurring growth characteristics which affect strength including the slope of grain, rate of growth and knot content. Grading rules specify acceptable limits for these features.

The timber that we grade is fully traceable as it is stamped with the Company’s and the individual grader’s reference. For exposed pieces a Certificate can be supplied.

Another important feature in the strength and stability of the timber is the moisture content, particularly for internal use. We supply dry graded timber where the moisture content of the timber is less than 20% at the time of grading.

Timber can also be graded by a machine which measures the stiffness of the timber, as there is a correlation between the stiffness of timber and its strength properties. MHS stocks a wide range of machine graded timbers.

MHS is committed to consistently supplying timber that meets the requirements of today’s Building Standards.

We welcome your Strength & Grading enquiries.
Please call us on 0191 489 8231 or email [email protected].

Click here to download our Strength Graded Timber Fact Sheet.

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