Greenheart Timber

Greenheart timber is mainly from Northeastern South America, Other common names include cogwood, demerara greenheart.

The wood is extremely hard and strong, so hard that it cannot be worked with standard tools. Greenheart is durable in marine conditions, so it is often used to build docks and other structures and it was an early choice for fly fishing rods.

Greenheart is one of the strongest timbers commercially available today, in both large sections and long lengths. It is also a very durable timber for use in a variety of constructional situations including both marine and heavy civil engineering projects. Greenheart’s overall strength and long life make it an ideal timber for both rail and specialist construction applications.

M.H. Southern offer a range of Specialist Timbers to customers looking for higher quality materials for particular projects.

We also offer full milling, treatment and strength grading facilities for all the timbers we supply. In addition our transport fleet has crane off load facilities.

If you require any further information on any of our specialist timbers,
please call our Sales Office on 0191 489 8231
 or email [email protected].

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