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Fused CTECH & XTR Bamboo Decking

CTECH & XTR Bamboo is a very sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods and composite products without the historic problems they bring with them. Cut from the bamboo forests of Asia, where the bamboo is harvested after approx.. 4-6 years of growth, then a programme of replanting takes place to ensure a continuous supply. The bamboo is then taken to the mills where it goes through a vigorous selection process and patented “Heat Treatment” processes. By compressing Bamboo strands and combining with phenolic resin and ceramix technology, the end result is an environmentally friendly FSC certified product which is stable, durable, and has many other benefits as well as a life span of 25+ years. Suitable for small, medium and large architectural projects to home improvements.

Benefits of Bamboo:

  • FSC Certified
  • Environment Friendly
  • Pre oiled from factory with an external Woca Oil
  • Slip Resistant
  • Class 1 Durable, expected lifespan 30-50 years (Suitable for harsh weather conditions, coastal areas)
  • Mould & Fungi Resistance
  • Fire Resistance Euroclass b
  • Termite Resistance
  • Extremely stable, more stable than A grade composite
  • End matched groove so boards can be installed in-between joists
  • Hard and Durable
  • Stable and Precise