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Long Length and Large Section Timber

MHS has over many years become a specialist supplier of large section timbers. At our Felling yard we have an in depth stock of large sections and long length timbers including:

Douglas Fir
Pitch Pine
German Whitewood

Douglas Fir is stocked in lengths up to 14m and in sections up to 600 x 600mm. Larger sizes and longer lengths can be imported by us. Pacific Coast Douglas Fir is one of the strongest softwoods available. An all purpose timber that is both resilient and durable, the large sizes and long lengths make it ideal for heavy construction work of all types.

Pitch Pine is another Softwood available in longer sections and lengths ideally suited for ship building and marine applications as well as decorative beams and the wider range of heavy constructional uses. Pitch Pine is the only timber which can be visually graded to C27.

In German Whitewood, our range varies from smaller sections to larger sections up to 300 x 300mm and includes Kiln Dried sections up to 75 x 300mm. Long lengths up to 7.2m are available from stock. German Whitewood is a versatile and well presented softwood with a wide variety of uses within the construction industry.

Remember if its long lengths or large sections you require MHS has the stock!

MH Southern offer a range of Specialist Timbers to customers looking for higher quality materials for particular projects.

We also offer full milling, treatment and strength grading facilities for all the timbers we supply. In addition our transport fleet has crane off load facilities.

If you require any further information on any of our specialist timbers, please contact our sales office on 0191 489 8231.